NAMM 2015 coverage

Expert Sleepers at NAMM 2015

Expert Sleepers are going to NAMM! We’ll be part of the Muffwiggler booth, Booth# 1371 (Hall E), next to Pittsburgh Modular and Make Noise, amongst others.

Announcing the FH-1 'faderHost' USB MIDI Host

We’re pleased to announce our latest Eurorack module, the FH-1 ‘faderHost’ USB MIDI Host.

FH-1 prototypeFH-1 prototype, front

The FH-1 'faderHost' is a USB MIDI Host in an 8HP Eurorack module, allowing you to directly connect a USB MIDI controller to your modular synthesizer. Using a suitable connector box "USB MIDI controller" here includes an iPad or plain old computer.

As well as simple direct control of the output CVs from MIDI CCs, the FH-1 also offers
* LFOs on each output
* Step sequencers
* Polyphonic MIDI/CV conversion
* and much more

The FH-1 will be unveiled at the NAMM show, January 2015.

Announcing the USAMO

We’re delighted to announce the first non-Eurorack Expert Sleepers hardware product: the USAMO.

The Expert Sleepers USAMO (Universal Sample-Accurate MIDI Output) provides a sample-accurate, jitter-free MIDI output from your DAW.

The MIDI signal is generated by the USAMO software, a plug-in which runs as a virtual instrument (AU/VST/AAX, Mac & Windows), as audio in your DAW. The DAW sends MIDI to the plug-in; the plug-in translates that to audio and sends it to the USAMO hardware, via an output on your computer's audio interface. The USAMO then reconstructs the MIDI and outputs it on a standard 5 pin DIN MIDI socket.

In addition to MIDI note and controller data from the DAW, the USAMO software also generates MIDI clock, Song Position Pointer etc. It can also handle Sysex.

Because the MIDI signals are generated and transported as audio, they are guaranteed to be sample-accurately synced with your audio, and free of the jitter often associated with computer-generated MIDI.

The USAMO will launch at NAMM in January 2015.

ESX-8MD mk2 announced

We’re happy to announce the ESX-8MD mk2, an updated version of the MIDI/DINsync expander for the ES-40/ES-5.

Whereas the original ESX-8MD was sometimes incompatible with certain MIDI devices when running at a 44.1kHz sample rate, the mk2 is guaranteed to operate with all MIDI devices, at all sample rates.

The ESX-8MD mk2 is expected to be available in December 2014. Pricing unchanged.

ESX-8MD, frontESX-8MD

Silent Way v2.4.2 released

Silent Way v2.4.2 (all platforms and formats) is released.

New in this version:
• The ES-4 Controller now supports MIDI output at 192kHz.
• The ES-5 Controller now supports MIDI output at all sample rates, including when used with SMUX.

Download now from the downloads page.

disting video competition - we have a winner

The winner of the “win moar distings!” competition was mylarmelodies, who produced an epic 38 minute tour of all 16 of the disting’s functions. Congratulations to him, and please enjoy the result:

Competition: win moar distings!

Announcing the Expert Sleepers 'best disting video' competition!

We want to see the best video of a disting being used in a modular setup. Large or small, east coast or west, just doing something cool. Bonus points for showing off the illuminated jack sockets!

Entries should be posted to YouTube and/or Vimeo, and then let us know about them.

1st prize - two more distings!
runner up prize - one more disting!

Closing date: August 1st 2014. Judged solely by myself, Os. Judging of "best" may or may not take into account number of views. Judge's decision is final!

New module: the disting

We’re delighted to announce a new Eurorack module - the ‘disting’.

The disting is a 16-in-1 multifunction module, offering a variety of CV and audio processes, including a selection of oscillators
(LFOs/VCOs), in a compact 4HP package.

Unlike all previous Expert Sleepers modules, the disting is in no way reliant on a computer connection - it's a normal, standalone module.

Available now from all the usual stores.

disting, frontdisting

Expert Sleepers t-shirts now available

Many thanks to lowacid on Muff’s for the design.

Buy now from the store page!